F2P Guide to 99 Fishing (Money Making Method) – Oldschool Runescape

This Fishing training guide is for the Free players of Oldschool Runescape. This F2P fishing guide will cover an efficient method to gain fishing XP while being a good money making method at the same time.

Net Fishing from Level 1-20

Make sure you have a small fishing net in your inventory and head to Draynor Village, located west of Lumbridge (the starting area). There are two ‘net’ fishing spots by the willow trees along the coastline of Draynor with a bank right near by.

f2p guide 99 fishing money starting off shrip small net draynor

Simply stay at this location and net fish until you reach level 20 fishing. At level 15 you are able to catch anchovies which grant good XP until 20.

You won’t start making good OSRS money until level 40 fishing. 

You could start bait fishing if you wanted at level 5 until 15 but the 10 levels inbetween don’t take long at all. Its easier to net fish past those 10 levels than it is to leave the place, get a fishing rod and the correct amount of bait then return.

Beware of the level 7 dark wizards that lurk around the willow trees.

Flying Fishing from 20 to 40

From level 20 fishing, you should head to the Barbarian Village (north of Draynor) with a Fly Fishing Rod and Feathers. You can purchase these things from the Fishing shop in Port Sarim, west of Draynor. Get a large amount of feathers (500-1000) if you can.

f2p guide 99 fishing money making and fast xp method

There are two ‘Lure’ fishing spots here that allow you to fly fish with a bank to the north (just beyond the map border above). The Trout and Salmon you catch aren’t worth a lot of money, you can either bank them and keep them for future cooking or drop them on the spot if you want to level up ASAP to get to the money making stages. Dropping them on the floor is faster than running to the bank and back, it’s up to you really.

Fly fish here until you hit level 40 Fishing, at level 40 you are able to catch Lobsters.

Lobster Caging from 40 to 60

At this point in your fishing training, you can start to make a fairly decent income for a Free player. To catch lobsters you will need a Lobster pot and 30gp or more.

Karamja Cage and Harpoon Lobster Swordfish Fishing Spots

The only ‘Cage’ fishing spot to catch lobsters is in Musa Point (Karamja). To get back and forth from a deposit box used to bank Lobsters and the fishing spot on the island, you will need to spend 60gp on the boat rides per inventory, 30gp there and 30gp back. The deposit box is located on the north side of the Port.

Although you can catch Swordfish at level 50 and they sell for more gold, you wont catch them frequently while harpooning and your inventory will get filled with Tuna which don’t sell for a lot. Fish lobsters until 60 to make decent gold and get good fishing XP.

Addition Advice: If you run low on money for the boat, just sell an inventory of your catches to the general store south of the fishing spots. This will save you having to travel to the bank to withdraw more cash.

Harpoon Swordfish from 60 – 99

Using the same location as above, once you reach level 60 fishing, swap out that lobster pot for a Harpoon and begin using the ‘Harpoon’ fishing spots.

Sadly you will catch both Tuna and Swordfish instead of just Swordfish, however this makes for fast XP and good money. The higher fishing level you are, the more likely you are to catch a Swordfish instead of a Tuna, that is why you should only begin this method at 60 fishing.

Just simply carry out the same exercise as above in the Lobster section, fish until you have a full inventory and then use the boat to the Deposit box.  It may take a bit longer to get 99 Fishing but selling those swordfish can make it worth it.

And that is it for this guide to 99 Fishing while making money. If you found this guide helpful, make sure you share it with your fellow 2007scape players using the share buttons below!

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