F2P Guide to 99 Woodcutting in Oldschool Runescape

This is guide on achieving 99 Woodcutting on Free to Play 2007 Runescape. If you are a member there are better methods of levelling your WC.

Before we get started in the tree chopping process, you are going to need some money to be able to purchase Iron, Steel, Mithril, and Rune axes. You should look into completing the Stronghold of Security for 10k cash. If your account is under 24 hours old, you can’t buy or sell items from other players, you can only purchase an Iron and Steel axe from Bob in Lumbridge.

Levels 1 – 21 : Normal Trees

Olschool Runescape f2P 99 woodcutting guide trees

Chop normal trees for the initial 20 Woodcutting levels. You should try to use an Iron axe between levels 1-6 and then a steel axe until level 21 so that you can use Mithril in the next stage.

Olschool Runescape f2P 99 woodcutting guide trees mapA good place to cut normal Logs is between Varrock’s west bank and the Grand Exchange.
There are 15 or so normal trees that can be cut down and the bank/GE is right there for storage.

If you don’t plan on levelling Firemaking or Fletching in the near future, you can sell the logs for extra cash. Logs are surprisingly good money. Their default price is anywhere between 70 and 90. Sell them at a lower price, between 50-70 each otherwise it can take a very long time before they sell. You can make over 1.5k per bag.

Levels 21 – 36/41 : Oak Trees

Olschool Runescape f2P 99 woodcutting guide oak

If you can, go grab a Mithril hatchet and start chopping down Oak trees for the next 15/20 Woodcutting levels. You don’t want to get level 31 Woodcutting and then head to the Willow trees, it will take a long time to get any logs and XP. If you are in a rush to leave Oaks then get at least level 36 and an Adamant axe although I recommend chopping Oaks until 41 then buying a Rune axe.

Olschool Runescape f2P 99 woodcutting guide oak mapThere are some good spots to chop Oak trees, too bad they are pretty popular spots. The spot on the map to the left has 4 Oaks and is usually less crowded. Its also close to the Varrock east bank.

Again, if you don’t see yourself skilling Firemaking or Fletching any time soon and you need money, try selling the Oak logs you gathered. You can sell Oak logs for 30-40gp each.

If your account is under 24 hours old and you can’t buy mith/addy/rune axes yet or sell logs, continue to chop oak logs until you able to trade. Sell the logs when you can and purchase the axe you need.

41 – 99 : Willow Trees

Olschool Runescape f2P 99 woodcutting guide willows

The Willow tree could be the last type of tree you cut down in your quest for 99 woodcutting. Willows are always crowded in F2P worlds and that is why you should have 41 WC and a Rune axe before you get here.

IOlschool Runescape f2P 99 woodcutting guide willows mapf you don’t know where to chop Willow trees, this map is the best and most popular location. They are along the coast in Draynor village, south of the bank.

Willows are the best XP until 99 woodcutting, sadly they are only 8gp each and are not worth selling. If you want to make good money on the side of getting 99 woodcutting in F2P, begin to chop down Yew trees as level 75.

And that concludes the F2P guide on levelling Woodcutting. If you have friends looking to level this skill, why not share this guide with them using the social buttons below!

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