F2P Guide to Splashing with Locations in Oldschool Runescape

‘Splashing’ is the process of training magic by attacking a low level target with a spell that does no damage and ‘splashes’. Splashing in free to play (F2P) 2007 Runescape is still an effective way of training Magic.

The reason Lumbridge Castle is filled with people splashing is because you don’t need to be looking at the game to train it. Since you are constantly being attacked and constantly retaliating without killing the enemy.

This guide is going to teach you how to get Magic XP while you are: at work, watching a movie, playing Destiny, sleeping, at a friends… I think you get the point.

The first step to splashing is getting the appropriate gear to make you splash every magic attack. You need to have -68 magic attack bonus which requires suit of armour, vambraces and a staff that allows auto-cast.

Splashing guide osrs f2p

The rune armour i have equipped above isn’t required, that is just my set of armour. Any armour between Iron and Rune can be used to achieve the -68 magic. You will need to complete the stronghold of security and get the fighting/fancy boots and you will need either level 40 range to equip the green vambs or use a cursed goblin staff with leather vambs and purchase the extra runes for the spell.

The spell you choose to auto cast with can determine how much XP you get. I splashed Fire Strike to get from 45 to 61 magic and each splash gave me around 10-15 XP.

Free to Play Splashing Locations in OSRS

Rats are the most common enemy splashed on. You’ve probably seen a lot of people doing it in Lumbridge. There are other locations with enemies at levels 1,2 and 3 that are just as effective and less popular.

Make sure your splashing spot is not multi-combat, otherwise someone may kill your target while you are AFK.

Lumbridge Castle:
osrs 2007 runescape splashing location guide

This was on the quietest F2P OSRS world.

As you can see, extremely popular. It can be hard to find a free rat to splash on. If there are none around the castle, check the kitchen cellar.

You can also splash on cows, chickens  and goblins that can be found in the areas around Lumbridge.

Draynor Village:
osrs 2007 runescape splashing location guide tutorial

Yellow circles are Rats

I’ve yet to see anyone splash in Draynor. There are a lot of rats located around the houses of the village, in the Draynor Manor and in the sewers below the village.

The sewers have level 24 zombies so if you want to splash in there, beware of that.

Port Sarim:

osrs 2007 runescape splashing magic location guide tutorial

Port Sarim has a couple of dock peckers (seagulls) that are level 2 that are also a good enemy to train on. There are also a few level 2/3 men and goblins around the port and you can find a rat for splashing on in the prison.

Other Places:

You will be able to find low level mobs to splash on all over the Oldschool Runescape F2P world. Its really only Lumbridge that gets crowded by splashers, its easy to find another location. Falador, Varrock, Barbarian Village, dungeons, caves, get creative!

Splashing in caves and dungeons is good if you want to splash in private. Splashing to train mage in OSRS isn’t exactly a respectable way of training.

Keep in Mind:
  • The higher your defence, the more enemies you can ‘splash’ without dying.
  • You won’t get any hitpoints XP as you are dealing no damage.
  • Splashing is nothing to be proud of, many people hate it.
  • You don’t need 40 range to splash, just a staff from Diago and more runes.
  • You can’t splash on PVP worlds as there are none F2P PVP worlds.

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