F2P Guide to Training Combat Skills to 99 in OldSchool Runescape

Even in F2P Runescape 2007 there is an abundance of places to train combat skills. Below you will find locations to train attack, strength and defence. If you are looking for mage/range training safe spots, click here.

This OSRS F2P training guide is split into different sections. Each section shows the best locations and monsters to train on until the Att, Def and Str stats hit a certain level.

This combat levelling guide may work if you are creating a strength pure. If you are looking to level a pure, you should find a pure oriented guide.

Levels 1-10, Chicken Fighting

lumbridge training chickens f2p combat

You can find the Chicken locations here.

Chickens are some of the most common enemies to train on at low combat levels. What makes chickens a good enemy to train low level strength, attack and defence on is that they deal almost zero damage and can provide a small income by selling the feathers.

Hack away at the defenceless birds and collect their feathers until your attack, strength and defence hit level 10. Once your stats are 10, head to the Grand Exchange, sell the feathers and use the money to purchase better weapons and armour.

If chickens somehow manage to lower your HP, take their raw chickens, cook them then eat them to restore it and continue training.

Levels 10-20, Cow Slaughter

lumbridge training cows

You can find the Cow locations here.

Cows are another popular training location for lower levels of combat much like the chickens. Cows have more HP and drop items that can be valuable to sell much like the feathers. They also drop food that can be cooked and then used to train on the very animal you just killed. Its a vicious cycle.

Cow hides sell for a decent amount of GP in the Grand Exchange (150+ gp per hide). The amount of hides you add up and sell during the levelling process will give you more than enough funds to purchase Mithril armour and weapons.

Levels 20-40, Al-Kharid Warriors

Al Kharid guard training guide

Al Kharid warriors make a good enemy to train on due to how aggressive they are. You are going to need some food, either buy some with the money you make from selling feathers/cow hides or spend time levelling up fishing and cooking.

Just north of the palace where you can find the Al Kharid warriors there is a scimitar shop. Its recommended that you have Mithril armour/weapons at this stage.

Levels 40-50, Hill Giants

hill giants combat training

Hill giants are one of the most common enemy to train on for medium levels of melee combat and they can be found in Edgeville dungeon.

At this stage of the training process, you are going to want a rune scimitar and the best armour you can possibly wield. If you have the right levels and the money to spend, you should consider buying Rune armour to help take a lot loss damage.

These hill giants drop big bones that grant 15 prayer xp each one you bury and they also drop Limpwurt roots which can be sold for a decent profit in the GE.

Levels 50-60, More Giants (Moss)

moss giants training combat melee

At this stage of melee combat training, a full set of rune armour and a weapon is required, otherwise Moss Giants won’t be as effective for gathering fast XP.

You are going to need a full inventory of decent food in order to cut bank on bank runs as running to and from the Moss Giants in the Varrock sewers can be time consuming.

Moss Giants can drop some decent things worth keeping or selling. Big bones, piles of gold, runes, arrows and more.

Levels 60-99, Even More Giants (Spiders)

giant spider f2p combat training melee

Sadly as a free oldschool Runescape player there aren’t a lot of great places to train 99 strength, attack and defence. Giant spiders are one of the best enemies to train on to complete the next 39 levels and can be found underneath the Barbarian Village, on the 3rd floor of the Security Stronghold.

There are plenty of giant spiders to go around (check the yellow dots on the screenshot above) and they provide the best experience per hour after level 60 melee stats.

In order to make the process of levelling in F2P 2007 RS faster, you are going to need a healthy food source. Salmon are cheap and heal a good amount of health but if you find that you can spend the time or money on Lobsters, it will cause less banking trips from the stronghold of security.

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  • Anonymous

    Well Written guide. I went the unorthodox route.

    Did Al-Kharid Warriors from Level 30-45
    Went to Minotaurs for 45-100 [Iron Arrows to be used later on]
    Moss Giants for 100-123…[For Prayer/Magic Training]

    Currently 123 F2P
    RSN: Sofacanlazy