Fastest Way to get Ranger Boots in Oldschool Runescape

Ranger Boots can only be obtained via completing medium clue scrolls unless bought from other players. They are the best possible reward to come from any medium clue scroll in Oldschool Runescape because they can be sold to other players for anywhere between 20-25 million gp and they are the best ranging boots to wear in the footwear equipment slot.

The chances of receiving Ranger Boots as a medium clue scroll reward are 1/293, the source of that information is here. That means players will want to find and fire through as many medium clues as possible in a short amount of time, the guide below will show you one of the best methods on doing this.

Medium clue scroll ranger boots oldschool runescape


The Guide to Ranger Boots

Killing Falador Guards is by far the best way to quickly receive and complete medium clue scrolls when on the hunt for Ranger Boots. It could be argued that fighting Mammoths and/or Ice Warriors while wearing an imbued ring of wealth is the fastest method, however, that requires players to risk in the wilderness. When in Falador killing guards, there is no risk and players can carry everything required to make it as fast as possible.

It is highly recommended that players complete the Falador Medium Diary tasks due to one of its rewards being a 20% increase of chance in receiving a clue scroll drop from guards. Guards have a 1/128 chance of dropping a medium clue scroll. With the Falador medium diary completed, the guards there have a 1/100 chance (roughly).

Cannons are commonly used by players killing guards for clue scrolls, this makes the process of finding the clues a heck of a lot faster. If players have high combat stats but choose not to purchase and use expensive cannonballs, don’t worry about it, this method is still pretty quick.

Inventory & Equipment

Medium clue scroll ranger boots guide setup


In the image above, you can see the inventory and gear setup i use while hunting for Ranger Boots. Everyone’s inventory should consist of many teleports, stamina/energy potions and a spade. I also include attack potions to hit less 0s on the guards. This setup allows players to quickly move around during the clue scroll and leaves enough inventory space to reduce time banking rewards.

The equipment used includes weight-reduction (graceful) pieces and gear that grant attack/strength bonuses along with a combat bracelet for more teleports. Once again, this setup allows for quick travel while trying to complete clues and provides high melee bonuses for faster Falador guard killing.

Lucky for us players, Medium clues don’t have much requirements to complete them all, unlike hard & elite clues. If players do encounter a medium clue scroll they can’t complete, it is usually due to a low level/easy quest needing completed/started.

With all of the information above, it shouldn’t take anyone too long to start raking in the disappointing medium clue scroll rewards until they receive the expensive Ranger Boots. It only took me (Dicerz) 22 medium clue scrolls to get my first pair and luckily i got it all on camera!

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