Fastest Way to Remove F2P Trade Limit

Jagex decided to implement a F2P trade limit for fresh accounts in Old School Runescape and this can be a real pain for players who have decided to make new accounts or for people wanting to play OSRS for the first time or haven’t played in a long time. I’ve decided to write up a guide that shows old school players how to get around this trade limit ASAP.

The trade limit will disappear after the account has done one of two things: have 18+ hours of play time OR have 7 quest points. Getting the 7 quest points to remove the trade limit is a lot faster than waiting around for 18 hours. Below is a list of quests that fresh accounts should be able to complete quickly and grant 7 quest points and the removal of the trade limit in just a short amount of time.

In short, the list of quests i have in mind that have 0 requirements, are short quests and grant a total of 7 quest points are: Cook’s Assistant, Witch’s Potion, Romeo & Juliet. Experienced players should be able to knock these quests out without any trouble at all, however if you are a newer player looking for help to remove the trade limit, below is a guide on completing the 3 quests, one after the other.

Cook’s Assistant Quest Guide

Witch’s Potion Quest Guide

Romeo & Juliet Quest Guide

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