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Goblin Slayer Map deed guide the shire

This map will allow you to find the best location to complete the Goblin-slayer deed without further instructions. If you want further details, continue below.

Instructions: In order to complete the Goblin-Slayer deed within the Shire, you obviously must kill a lot of goblins. The best location (IMO) for this is Golfimbul’s Hole, located in the northern region of the Shire, above Brockenborings.

Goblin Slayer Map deed guide the shire

There is a second location containing a lot of goblins, The Scrag-Dells located to the east of Golfimbul’s Hole. This means if your thirst for goblins is not satisfied within Golfimbul’s hole, there is a second place to dine.

With this guide, you should be able to quickly defeat the total of 90 goblins and enjoy the 15 turbine points, the title and the trait that comes with completing the Goblin-Slayer deed.


Defeat Goblins in the Shire.
Defeat 30 Goblins.
Defeat 60 Goblins (Advanced).


  • Defeat  level 11 – 14 monsters


  • 5 Turbine Points
  • ‘Protector of the Shire’ title
  • Increased Mathom Society Reputation

Goblin-Slayer (Advanced)

  • 10 Turbine Points
  • Virtue Trait:  Valour
  • Increased Mathom Society Reputation
  • 30 Marks

If you have any friends or kinship members that also need to complete this deed, bring them here!

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