How to Complete the Stronghold of Security at Level 3 in Oldschool Runescape

The Stronghold of Security is a great way for new players to learn how to secure their account… and its an even better way to make money as a new F2P OSRS player.

The Stronghold of Security rewards players that manage to navigate through it and learn the ins and outs to securing your Runescape account. The Stronghold has 4 layers, each one with a different layout and containing different and more difficult enemies.

As a new level 3 in Oldschool Runescape, you have a trading ban for 24 hours, meaning you can’t buy or sell items with other players. The Stronghold of Security is one of the few ways to get money for equipment and armour in that 24 hour period.

How to get through the Stronghold at Level 3:

Step One: Preperation

As a new F2P OSRS level 3, you don’t have many options when it comes to replenishing health and having armour.

Equip your sword and shield then head to the top floor of Lumbridge Castle and bank everything in your inventory. Go back to the ground floor, into the kitchen and climb down into the cellar. There should be leather boots by the ladders, pick up them up and equip for a small armour bonus. Leave the castle and head to the north-eastern cow pen. There should be a tonne of players killing cows and leaving raw beef on the floor, scavenge (pick up) the raw beef until your inventory is full.

Now we are going to grab some equipment and cook the food. After collecting raw beef, head north to Varrock.

stronghold of security tutorial level 3 guide oldschool runescape osrs

In the area shown on the map shown above, you can find a Leather body and ranges to cook the raw beef. Equip the leather armour for more protection against high level enemies in the Stronghold and cook the beef. You will only successfully cook 50% of the beef you collected but that is enough.

Now head over to the Barbarian Village, to the west of Varrock. In the centre of that village there is a hole you can climb down, taking you into the Stronghold of Security.

Step 2: Run Like Hell

Save your running energy as much as possible. Don’t run to the stronghold and don’t use run on the first level. Only run when you are about to enter a room with enemies and switch it off after you reach a room that is empty.

So before you make your way down into to the Stronghold of Security on your level 3 OSRS account, make sure you have the following: Some cooked meat (10+ should be fine), a sword, wooden shield and leather armour equipped.

Remember: You need to set up the 2 Step Authenticator to be able to claim your rewards from the Stronghold of Security in OSRS. Click here to find out more.

stronghold of security level 3 osrs guide

Floor 1 – The Vault of War

The enemies on the first floor are not hostile, you can breeze past them without wasting food or run energy. Make your way to the Gift of Peace which rewards 2K coins. The next 3 floors do have hostile monsters, save the running for them.

Floor 2 – The Catacombs of Famine

This is where it begins to get a little risky, luckily you have prepared and have the cooked meat with you. Use the map above to find the path to the centre where you can find the Grain of Plenty. Use a route that requires you to run through the least amount of rooms containing enemies. In the map, the rooms with circles in them are rooms with enemies. Obviously, the rooms without circles are empty and safe.

The Grain of Plenty rewards you with 3,000 gp.

Floor 3 – Pit of Pestilence

The same as above, however the enemies are higher level. Luckily only one enemy can attack you at a time and that is what makes this pretty simple at level 3. Just make sure to eat food when you are being damaged.

Find the fastest route using the map of the stronghold and in the centre the Box of Healing will give you 5,000 gold.

Floor 4 – Sepulchre of Death

As soon as you enter this floor, there are enemies but don’t worry, they aren’t hostile. The rest of the enemies are however.

There is only 1 room you need to run through, make sure you have enough energy to run across the room, these enemies may hit you hard so be prepared to eat food.

The Cradle of Life rewards you with boots of your choice, Fancy or Fighting. These boots have the same stats, only their appearance is different.

Use the ladder up out of the Stronghold of Security and you should have 10k gold and a new set of swanky boots. If you are a level 3 that still can’t trade with other players, you can use the 10k gold to buy yourself tools, weapons or armour for skilling and combat.

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