How to Find Black Armour and Weapons in Oldschool Runescape

Some Oldschool Runescape players may think that regular, black armour and weapons are something that is hard to come by unless you purchase a set from the Grand Exchange. It is impossible to create Black armour or weapons in Smithing and certain black gear can be hard to come by without the GE.

Black Armour

Black armour isn’t really rare, its just used as cosmetic apparel more than it is used for combat.

black armour oldschool runescape

So where can you purchase black armour other than the Grand Exchange? And how much does it cost?

Black platelegs and full helm can be found inside the Champions Guild, a building that requires 32 quest points to enter. Black platelegs can also be purchased in the plateleg shop in Al Kharid. The black platebody can be found in the armour shop in eastern Varrock.

The black kiteshield can only be obtained (if not through the GE) by Ice Giants drops or can be purchased in Keldagrim. Most black armour pieces, including trimmed versions can be a rewarded in low level Treasure Trails as a member.

Black Weapons

Some black weapons can be bought in stores, however some of them are hard to obtain. For instance, the black scimitar can only be found in Ardougne Castle in the upper level behind a lock pick door which requires a Thieving level of 61 to access.

Black swords and daggers can be purchased in Varrock’s weapon shop. The black battle axe can be purchase in the Port Sarim axe shop and a black 2h can be bought in the Taverly sword shop.

Much like the black armour, black weapons can be obtained by completing easy treasure trails/clue scrolls.

If you can’t be bothered to source out the Black equipment, black armour sets, weapons and trimmed sets can all be purchased in the Grand Exchange. If you are looking for Black armour for combat purposes, my advice would be not to bother with it. Just stick with Steel until you can equip Mithril.

If you are looking to find a specific black equipment item, check the OSRS Wiki.

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