How to Replay and Spectate your own League of Legends Games

I Recently found myself asking, how do I watch / spectate my recently played League of Legends games? I’ve seen League of Legends YouTubers commentate over their own games while in spectator mode, it looks awesome but it can’t be done via your own LoL client. How can LoL players spectate their own games?

I’ve downloaded a programme named LoL Replay and its pretty effective at capturing my recent LoL games without lowering the frame rate. The only downside to this League of Legends Spectator service post-game is that it takes a couple of minutes to save the file.

replay league of legends matches spectate own games

Yes I know, I like to play Leona

I had it downloaded within a couple of minutes and learned that there is no button to record like other screen capturing software, it just runs in the background without slowing down the computer and records each game you play, as long as you have the Replay application running. Lol Replay spectate game files don’t take up much Hard drive space either, taking up anywhere between 5-10 mb per game, it really just depends on how long your games go on for.

there are options to record your matches in both Spectator and Standard mode, allowing for different views. If you want to watch or post one of your games onto youtube and not have the spectator mode, you can record in standard mode, the replay sees what you seen. I believe you can record in both modes too, something I have yet to try.

All in all, if you are looking to replay, watch or spectate your own league of legends games to capture awesome moments or to improve skill via watching your played games, downloading LolReplay is probably your best bet.

There are certainly other services out there that do a similar thing but LoL Reply seems to be constantly updated and worked on and it costs nothing.

Anyway, I hope this helps you in your quest to capture epic plays or work on your League of Legends skill!

>>Download LoLReplay Here<<

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