How to use a Sword of Crota on Earth’s Cosmodrone!

Bungie have often snuck things into their patches without telling the players what exactly has been included. They surprised us again with an epic event you can find on Earth or the Moon.

All Guardians that hunt enemies and complete bounties within the Russian Cosmodrone have a chance to encounter a random public event granting use of the very fun and very powerful Sword of Crota, just like we all did on the fun Moon mission, ‘The Sword of Crota’.

Enter Earth – Cosmodrone in free roam mode and head to either the Steppes, Mothyards or Divide and run around for a little while until you see messages about Crota pop up in the corner of the HUD. Continue to run or hover around until you find the sword wielder, kick his ass and take his sword.

The sword doesn’t last too long but the enjoyment had from wrecking enemies with an epic sword is certainly worth the hassle of finding it.

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