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The iron dragons slayer task can be given out by 3 slayer masters: Chaeldar, Nieve and Duradel. The task to slay iron dragons isn’t a difficult one, however it can be a long and a bit boring depending on your combat levels and the amount required to kill.


Iron dragons can be found in two locations, the Stronghold Slayer Cave and the Brimhaven Dungeon. The better location to complete the slayer task is within the Stronghold Slayer Cave located in the Tree Gnome Stronghold right by Nieve . You can get to the cave quickly by either taking the gnome glider to Ta Quir Priw, using the Spirit Tree to the Tree Gnome Stronghold or by using a Slayer Ring that teleports you directly outside the cave.

The iron dragons can be found in the south western corner of the cave and it is recommended that you take a hatchet in order to get there with less bother (otherwise you could run into Aberrant Spectres that reduce your stats to 0). The map below shows the entire cave and should help you find the way to the dragons.

iron dragons location slayer task

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Players can use any combat style they prefer when it comes to slaying iron dragons. The most common method is attacking from a distance. This is because the iron dragons have their melee attack along side their dragon fire attack. When attacking the monsters from a distance they will stand still and only attack you with their fire breath meaning players using range or mage only have one type of attack to defend against instead of two.

Using Melee

If players decide to use melee while doing the iron dragons task, it is highly recommended to use a proselyte hauberk and cuisse (platebody and legs) due to the prayer bonus that they give. Also (obviously) use a anti dragon shield or a dragonfire shield alongside the rest of your melee combat gear.

Players should also take prayer potions and antifire potions. The prayer potions along side the proselyte armour will allow players to protect themselves from the iron dragon’s melee attack for longer, and using the antifire potions alongside the shield will ensure full protection from the creatures fiery attack. It probably isn’t a bad idea to take a little food just in case something goes wrong.

Using Mage or Range

When attacking the iron dragons from a distance using range or mage, players do not need to protect themselves from their melee attack meaning you don’t need to bother stocking up on prayer potions or proselyte armour.

Equip your preferred mage or range gear with your anti-fire shield and make sure to have enough antifire potions to last (each dose lasts 6 minutes). There is no need to look for a safe spot when doing the iron dragon slayer task due to them not moving when attacked from range, they will only launch their fire at you.

Good Drops

Iron dragons don’t drop a lot of great loot. When doing this task there is no need to take multiple trips in order to bank items as the rarity of the good drops is high. Iron dragons drop the Draconic Visage, Hard Clue Scrolls, Ammunition (blood & soul runes, rune & adamant ammo) and Dragon Plateskirts/legs. The monsters also commonly drop adamant weapons so bringing high alch runes isn’t a bad decision.

You can view the full drop table on the 2007 Wiki.

With all of the above information, players should have no troubles completing the iron dragons slayer task. If you have any information that would be valuable to this slayer guide, please do not hesitate to share it below in comments.

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