It’s All in the Head – Daily Destiny Vanguard Bounty Guide

The ‘Its all in the Head’ bounty requires players to simply get 100 precision kills on all enemies. It doesn’t matter how or where you complete this bounty and it does not reset if you die.

Precision kills are when you finish off an enemy dealing yellow damage. Hitting them in their weak spots (usually the head or chest area in Destiny’ is a precision hit.

If this bounty is kept in mind after being acquired, most Destiny players are going to complete this bounty while doing daily missions, patrols and other bounties so there isn’t much need to worry about it. However, if you do need to find the fastest way to get precision kills in Destiny, we have got you covered.

First things first, equip yourself with a Hand Cannon/Scout Rifle and a Sniper Rifle. These are 3 very accurate weapons that will increase the chances of headshots and precision kills.

For a large amount of enemies quickly, head to Earth and make your way to the Skywatch. You know the place that is in 85% of Earth’s story missions. From the spawn location, just go left and continue going.

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Kill everything you see on the way their with your accurate weapons. Aim for the head and blast ’em. There is no shortage of enemies in the Mothyards (the area between spawn and the Skywatch). In this area there are both the Fallen and Hive enemies to play with, make your rounds with them and complete the bounty.

Remember, don’t look to complete this bounty on its own if you have other things to do in the game. Go complete other bounties, do the daily, strikes, whatever. Just remember to aim for the head (unless they are Vex).

Enjoy the easily made 50 Reputation and 2,5k XP!

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