Knuckleduster Guide (Daily Vanguard Bounty) – Melee Kill 30 enemies

This Knuckleduster Vanguard bounty requires player to Melee kill (punch or stab) 30 enemies without dying. Depending on your level, this could be a little harder that it seems.

If you aren’t able to complete this bounty while doing your other Destiny bounties and missions, there is a pretty fast and safe method to completing the Knuckleduster bounty.

After you pick up the bounty at the Tower, head to orbit then go to Patrol the Cosmodrone. You will spawn in at the Steppes, this location is where you will complete the bounty without dying. There are 3/4 low level enemy spawning areas here. The enemy spawns are also located at the bounty pickups, so you can use your Ghost to find them.

Punch your way through each camp and continue doing this until you complete the bounty. The enemies at one area will always respawn once you leave and go back.

If you are still a little confused and don’t know what I’m talking about, here is a short video done by Firestormreborn:

With this method of completing Knuckleduster, it should only take a couple of minutes and you have minimum chances of dying due to the very low level Fallen enemies.

Enjoy the easy 50 Rep and 2,500 XP!

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