Step by Step League of Legends Beginners Guide to Runes | Part 2

Part 2

This is part 2 of my League of Legends Beginners guide to runes. If you have not already read Part 1 of my newbies guide to runes and you are new to League of Legends, please do as it covers important basics.

I’d like to remind you that these guides are for beginners, if you are not a new League of Legends player and you are looking for a more advanced rune guide, consult the SoloMid website, as it contains great guides for more advanced players.

 Step 1: General Rune Setups

If you have a selection of favourite champions you like to play the most, make sure you know their role and their damage type. To find this out, go to Profile > Champions and press their portraits, it tells you their role and shows what they are focused on (AD, AP, Tanky etc).

The rune pages shown below are basic builds for each role and are not supposed to be complex or specialised. These are rune pages that suit beginners and stop new players from buying runes they don’t need. The guides below don’t need to be set in stone, there are plenty of other runes to experiment with depending on your champions and roles.

Attack Damage Carry (ADC) Runes and Page Setup
(Usable for AD focused champions)

Rune AD Page

With AD Carry champions you want great outgoing auto and attack damage on your enemies, this rune page focuses mainly on good damage while giving you decent armour and magic resistance. You can see exactly what stats are boosted on the right hand side of the image.

The exact runes in the image above are:

  • 9 Marks of Attack Damage
  • 9  Seals of Armour
  • 9 Glyphs of Magic Resist
  • 3 Quintessences of Attack Damage

Don’t be scared to mix it up a little bit, these runes should not be set in stone. If you are looking for a AD jungler rune page or If you like to purchase Lifesteal items when playing Attack damage champions, try replacing the ‘3 Quintessences of Attack Damage’ with 3 Quints of Life steal, giving you 6% life steal and removing 6.5 flat attack damage. It can be effective if it suits your play style or if you play in the jungle.

Ability Power Carries (APC) Runes and Page Setup
(Usually AP Mid, Top and Jungle Champions)

Ability Power rune page setups can be a little bit more varied and that is why I don’t have an image for one. A great rune page for champions focused on dealing high ability power would be a page containing the following runes:

  • 9 Marks of Magic Penetration
  • 9 Seals of Armour
  • 9 Glyphs of Scaling Ability Power
  • 3 Quintessences of Ability Power

Again, don’t be afraid to mix it up a little. If you feel you are an easy target, try swapping out the Glyphs of scaling ability power with magic resistance.

Tank/Support Runes and Page Setup
(Suitable for Top and Supports)

Support rune page setups

Supports usually either fall into tanky or AP damage categories, the image above is a basic rune page setup for tanky champions that either go into top lane or bottom as support. With magic resist, armour health and some penetration to help harass and poke your enemies, this makes a great rune page setup for most supports. The runes within this page consist of the following:

  • 9 Marks of Hybrid Penetration
  • 9 Seals of Armour
  • 9 Glyphs of Magic Resist
  • 3 Quintessences of Health

If you play a support champion that is more damage based instead of tanky, replacing the 3 Quints of health with Ability Power is a good idea, especially for popular AP supports such as Morgana and Lux.

Jungler Runes and Page Setups

a Junglers runes and page setup always depends on the champion being played. Since many different types of champions can play in the jungle, there isn’t really a basic page setup to show case.

Make sure you know what champion you are going to play in the jungle as the runes you choose depend on their base stats. If your jungler is more health and tanky focused, take a look at the tank/support rune setup above.

If your Jungle champions are meant to focus on dealing good attack damage, see the ADC rune page setups above and swap out the AD Quints with life steal.

Ability power focused jungle champions are not as common as the other two types, however if you do or would like to play ability power junglers, see the APC guide.

Step 2: Remember These Things!

Remember that these basic rune page setups may not be ideal for your current favourite champions, they are generic builds for each role, making sure that you are building the right type of runes for a certain role. Mix it up a little and swap a type of rune with another and see what works best for you, your champion, your role and your play style.

If you haven’t read Part 1 of my rune guide, you should as it has some handy tips and guides of things you should decide and remember before purchasing runes. It is important for new players, so if you only recently joined LoL, check it out via this link!

Handy things to remember:

  • Runes are EXPENSIVE!
  • Try save your IP for level 20 tier 3 runes
  • Create different rune pages for different roles/champions
  • Quintessences aren’t available until level 10
  • This is a beginners guide
  • Read Part 1 of this guide
  • You can Google specific champion rune setups
  • Keep in mind your role and job when setting up runes

Thank you for reading the final part of my Beginner Guide to Runes in League of Legends. If you have anything you would like to feedback in order to improve the quality of this guide, please do not hesitate to do so.

Let me know if this guide helped you, and share it with your fellow newbies if it did!

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