Making Bread Contains our Friendslist Changes – Oldschool Runescape

In this 2015 Midsummer event, OSRS players are to help Kaqemeex hold the evil spirits at bay by solving riddles and praying at the altar.

As this is the first day of the event, players must travel to the Black Hole (via Kaqemeex) and speak to Thordur, the dwarf hanging around in the middle of space and time. After speaking to Thordur, players are given the riddle “Making bread contains our friendslist changes”. The answer to which is a pot of flour.

After receiving the riddle, leave the area by speaking to the dwarf then find yourself a pot of flour. Head back to the altar in Taverley and use the chant option on it with the flour in your inventory.

You have now successfully solved the riddle of Making bread contains our friendslist changes. Speak to Kaqemeex for your reward on the 1st day of this Midsummer event.

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