Overcharge Guide – Daily Destiny Vanguard Bounty

Overcharge could be one of Destiny’s most ignored daily Bounties. It is no surprise, killing 2 enemies at once with a Fusion rifle 20 times sounds like a real pain in the ass. Fortunately there is a fast method to completing Overcharge.

Before you look at completing this bounty using a very fast method, try to complete it as you do your other bounties or daily/weekly missions in Destiny. Stick on a fusion rifle and get double kills on Thrall, Dreggs and other weak enemies.

So one of the fastest methods to getting 2 kills at once 20 times with a Fusion rifle involves the very first moon mission and some respawns.

Here is a very short video by WikiGameGuides that shows us how its done:

Written Guide:

After picking up the daily vanguard bounty titled Overcharge, head to the moon and load up the very first mission named ‘The Dark Beyond’. Run through this mission until you eventually find a dead Guardian lying outside of the Hive’s layer. After you interact with the Guardian there is a cutscene, after this cutscene you are swarmed by the Hive.

At this point in the level you will get your 2 kills at once with the fusion rifle 20 times. Batches of Hive Thrall come running out to you, make sure your Fusion rifle has ammo and line up the Thrall to score kills. Once the Thralls are dead, walk up to the Knight and let him kill you. Respawn, line them up and repeat until you complete the bounty.

Pro tip: If you run out of special ammo, just kills the Acolytes near by until you get some more. 

I hoped this helped in making that very annoying bounty easier and faster to complete. Enjoy the 100 vanguard reputation and 5,000 EXP!

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