Power Leveling Guide to Level 30 in League of Legends

Before we begin this guide, please understand that this is a power-levelling guide to 30 for players that are experienced in League of Legends, it is definitely not recommended if you are a newer LoL player.

Power Leveling Guide:

Co-op Vs. AI on Twisted Treeline

If you are looking to create another account and want it levelled up as fast as possible, fighting bots is the fastest way to earn XP. Remember to play the Co-op Vs. AI and not a custom game with bots because they give zero experience.

Treeline_map league of legends power levelling leveling guide tutorial fast level 30

The Twisted Treeline allows games to end faster when compared to 5v5 bots in Co-op Vs. AI. If you are looking to get as much XP as possible in a short amount of time, 3v3 with bots is the place to be.


  • Level 1-9: Beginner and Intermediate bots offer 100% XP/IP.
  • Level 10-19: Beginner bots grant 85%, Intermediate bots grant 100% XP/IP.
  • Level 20-29: Beginner bots grant 70%, Intermediate bots grant 90% XP/IP.
  • Level 30: Beginner bots grant 65%, Intermediate bots grant 80% XP/IP.


  • Summoners can earn unlimited rewards per day, but earn rewards at 75% of the normal rate after 180 minutes each day.
  • Exceedingly short games (for example, an 8-minute Summoner’s Rift game) of Co-op Vs. AI will result in a further penalty to XP/IP gains. This penalty is steeper the shorter the game is.

Source: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752824-Reward-IP-XP-System-Breakdown#h4

Play with Friends 

If you want the fastest results possible, you should find a friend or two to play with in the 3v3 matches. It can get very frustrating when you are trying to finish extremely quickly but are matched with new players not knowing how to play or don’t share the same mindset.

bots league of legends power levelling leveling guide tutorial fast level 30

Don’t be lonely like Amumu

If you don’t have any friends willing to power level with you, try finding some at the League of Legends forums or reddit page.

Buy XP Boosts (Optional) 

If you are able and willing to spend money in order to gain levels a lot quicker, buying XP boosts isn’t a bad idea. You are given 400 RP at level 3 that can be spent on XP boosts. You can purchase either win-based or time-based boosts. If money isn’t an issue, you can purchase both and they will stack giving you even more XP per game.

If you are only going to purchase one type of XP boost and plan on playing on your low-levelled account a lot, It would be best to purchase the time-based XP boost.


You could rely on the weekly rotation of free champions in order to save IP for level 30, however you aren’t always given the best ones for power levelling. Some of the best champions for fast levels in LoL only cost 450 IP.

Some examples of powerful and low cost champions that can make a 3v3 games vs bots faster are:

Master Yi
He is only 450 IP and makes for one of the best power-leveling champions. Yi is able to clear minions quickly, heal himself and has fast attack speed.

She isn’t as effective but she costs 450 IP too. Purchasing mana potions and spamming her Q and W can be pretty effective.

This guy is another champion with great attack speed and is able to destroy both turrets and enemy bots easily, he costs 1350 IP.

In-Game Advice

It is very important to remember that games that are under 7/8 minutes long give a reduced amount of experience. If you find yourself nearing victory before 7 or 8 minutes, its definitely worth waiting until the clock ticks past that time.

When playing the 3v3 with Bots and friends or randoms, try to get at least 2 people in the bottom lane and push it very hard. Buy both mana and health potions to last longer in the lane and be able to get the turret(s) down ASAP.

Make sure to have Teleport as a summoner skill when playing vs bots. If you have 2 friends and yourself all pushing bot lane, its possible to end the game at around 8 minutes with only 1 visit to the shop. Teleport saves time that would be spend running back into the lane to push.

Extra Tips

These are some extra points worth noting before jumping into your powerleveling extravaganza.

  • Its harder vs bots at low levels, until you have masteries and runes.
  • Buy mana and health potions for the best lane sustain.
  • Don’t get mad at new players learning the game.
  • If you are below level 9, beginner bots give 100% XP.
  • This may be the fastest way to level, it  can also be the most boring without friends.
  • This guide is for experienced players, if you need to learn the ropes of league of legends, go here.
  • If you have any questions of additional advice, comment below.

Show your love and set Dicerz as your account reference if you play on EUW!

And that is all you need to know before you power level to level 30 in League of Legends. If this guide on the fastest way to level in LoL helped you, share it with your fellow League players!

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