Slayer Guide and Location to Earth Warriors in OSRS 2007

Slaying Earth Warriors is a common slayer task given to players by Vannaka in the Edgeville Dungeon.

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Earth Warriors are located in the northern wilderness area of the Edgeville dungeon. From Vannaka, to the west there is a gate that leads you into the wilderness. Head north after crossing into the wilderness and climb across the set of monkey bars (level 15 agility required) to reach the Earth Warriors.

Additional Advice for Slaying Earth Warriors:

It is important to remember that the only location Earth Warriors are found in is at levels 7-11 wilderness in the Edgeville Dungeon. Other players do try to PK in these areas. Trust me, I know from experience.

There is a slight chance that another player will come to take advantage of the situation as you try to complete your slayer task. You shouldn’t bring your expensive fighting gear. In the image below, I purchased a set of adamant armour (30k) and a Rune Warhammer (25k) because loosing that equipment isn’t a big deal.

Runescape earth warrriors slayer location and guideEarth Warriors are weak to crushing blows, that is why I decided to equip a warhammer over any other weapon while completing this Earth Warrior slayer task.

Also remember to bring a bag of food, teleport runes and your slayer enchanted gem.

That is all you need to know when given the Earth Warrior slayer task from Vannaka. Don’t take expensive gear due to the risk of being PK’d, bring food, runes and a weapon that does crush attacks instead of slash.

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