Smelt Ores into Bars and Make Money in Oldschool Runescape

An effective way to make a lot of gold/gp/money in Oldschool Runescape is to smelt bars. It sounds simple right? That’s because it is. There are two ways you could do this, the cheap but slow way (mining your ores) or the fast but more costly way which is what i will be going into detail about below.

So to start off, you need some money, the more the merrier. If you have no cash on your character, go complete the Stronghold of Security as it rewards 10,000 gp. That 10k gold can be the starting point and it may eventually turn into millions, depending on how much time and patience you have.

If you are under 30 Smithing

If you don’t have 30 Smithing, start off by making money and getting XP on Bronze bars, also complete The Knight’s Sword quest. The quest rewards a tonne of Smithing XP (from level 1 to 29 if I remember correctly).

Over 30 Smithing

After you hit level 30 Smithing, move on to making and selling Steel bars.  Steel bars require 2 Coal ores and a single Iron ore to be created,  it costs around 350gp for the ores that make a steel bar. A single steel bar sells for 450+ gold (50% more profit when compared to bronze bars) These numbers are not the actual amounts, only average guesses because the prices differ from time to time. Nevertheless,  you are always guaranteed a decent profit using this money making method.

The reason this F2P Oldschool Runescape gold method one of my favourites is because it grants Smithing XP and you can start profiting from next to no money.

If you literally only have 100gp, you can multiply it by purchasing a single copper and tin ore, smelting it and selling the bronze bar. You would then be able to move on to purchasing 2 of each ore, smelting and selling the bar and so on. Sure, it would start slow but as you gain more and more profits from the bars, you can buy more ores, sell more bars and then move on to more expensive and profitable ores and bars.

This OSRS money making method is fool-proof and can be done in F2P and Members. All you need to do is purchase ores, smelt the ores and then sell the bars.

After looking through all the prices, there is not one tier of metal bar (excluding Gold) that sells lower than the cost of the ores. However, you should avoid buying and smelting Iron bars due to their chance of not actually getting a bar per ore and by the time most of the iron ores turn into iron bars, you are high enough Smithing level to make profit on Steel+ bars.

The Furnace(s) to Use?

I’ve got an article on this website about the closest furnace to a bank in F2P OSRS. If you are a member and want to know the best location to smelt the bars, let me Google that for you.

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