Step by Step League of Legends Beginners Guide to Runes | Part 1

Part 1

If you are a very new League of Legends player and don’t know anything about anything, please consult my general League of Legends Beginners Guide, otherwise you may not understand what is going on in this guide.

Rune usually are a pain to understand and get to grips with when you are a player that only recently started playing League of Legends. This beginners League of Legend guide to Runes is here to help any newbie understand the rune system and how to use it.

Assuming that the beginners looking for help on Runes are fresh of the install or below level 10, we will begin with the basics.

Step 1: What are Runes?

Runes are small buffs you can purchase from the store with either your Riot Points (RP) or Influence Points (IP). These runes should then be added to your rune page(s) by visiting your profile > runes.

Runes are split into 4 different tpyes: Marks (Red), Seals (Yellow), Glyphs (Blue) and Quintessences (Purple). These different colours of runes don’t really mean much, the pages are split into different colours to allow you to create any combination of runes that suit you.

Lol Rune guide for beginners, newbies step by step

There are also 3 tiers of runes, Tier1 (Levels 1-9, Tier 2 (Levels 10-19) and Tier 3 (Levels 20-30).

Runes can give you a wide variety of buffs such as extra damage, mana, health, speed, gold per second and many more. We will get into different combinations further on in  the guide.


  • You can have multiple rune pages
  • Have different rune combinations on each page
  • Quintessences aren’t available until level 10
  • Runes are really expensive!

Step 2: Before Spending IP

If you are planning on playing this game for the long haul, up and beyond the level 20, you should try not to waste your IP.

One important thing you should remember during your lower levels is to never waste your Influence Points on expensive champions. If you are looking to purchase some new champions to play, there are 12 very powerful champions that only cost 450 IP. Buying a few cheap champions instead of the more expensive ones is definitely recommended for newbies. Doing this means you have more IP to spend on Tier 3 runes after level 20, giving you a great advantage later on in your League of Legends career.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t purchase any runes at the lower levels in League.

Step 3: Decide Your Rune Progression

If you want to keep up or even go beyond the power of your fellow low-levelled LoL players and still have an advantage in the later game, occupy your rune pages with Tier 1 runes until level 20 and totally avoid purchasing any tier 2 runes.  This way you keep up with your peers and still save IP for the later game runes.

However, it does take a very long time before you eventually fill each of your rune pages with Tier 3 runes. If you are or want to be a casual League of Legends player and not rush into any of the Ranked games where shit gets real, buying tier 2 runes isn’t a bad idea, it just means it will take longer for you to fill your pages with Tier 3 runes (full tier 3 runes pages are a must before playing ranked).

You should decide how you want to progress with runes and then continue on with the guide to find rune builds for beginners. In short, the recommended way to deal with runes is to either not purchase any tier 1 or tier 2 and have a great advantage at level 20, buy tier 1 runes, avoid tier 2 and then buy tier 3 or simple just go at a casual pace. It all depends on you.

After you have made up your mind on either taking a small disadvantage for the greater good or casually upgrade rune tiers as you go along, its time to find a rune build for your favourite champions.

League of Legends Rune builds for beginners can be found on Part 2 of my Step by Step League of Legends Rune Guide for Beginners.

>> Part 2<<

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