The Best Furnace and Anvil Locations in Oldschool Runescape for F2P Players

There are two furnace locations and two anvil locations in F2P RS 2007 that make the best places for Smelting and Smithing. These locations include Al Kharid, Falador and Varrock.

Please note that these are the best locations for Oldschool Runescape players that are Free to Play, not members. 

Furnace Location

The two best Furnace locations in OSRS that do not require a membership are located in Al Kharid and Falador. There are no requirements needed to use these furnaces for smelting.

Al Kharid best furnace location f2p players smithing

The space between the bank and the furnace in Al Kharid is only 30 squares, about 10 steps less than the walk between the Falador furnace and bank.

Judging by the space between the banks and via personal experience, Al Kharid is definitely the faster place to smelt ores in Runescape as a free to play player.

The difference in speed is between the two furnace locations only makes a small difference, it isn’t really noticeable until you are in the higher levels of Smithing.

Anvil Location

West Varrock is the most efficient place to smith your bars as a F2P player. The anvils are located directly opposite the west bank’s door with only a gap of around 12 squares between nearest bank booth and anvil.

varrock west best smithing location f2p players smithing

There are some other locations throughout Runescape as a free player that you could use but this West Varrock anvil location is the most efficient as it is closest to a bank.

If you would like to know more details on Smithing XP and which items give which XP in order to find the sweet spot, head over to the 2007 RS Smithing Wiki for a number of different XP tables and details.

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