The Best Places to Cook in F2P Oldschool Runescape

F2P Runescape players may not have the full world to explore and train in, that doesn’t mean F2P OSRS players don’t have good locations to train skills.

There are three fantastic cooking locations that are right by a bank in F2P: Edgeville, Lumbridge & Al Kharid Both. These locations are the fastest places to train Cooking for F2Pers, deciding which depends on how busy your world is.


If you want to cook as close to a bank as possible in F2P OSRS, you will want to be on the top floor of the Lumbridge Castle.

best f2p cooking locations runescape old school 2007 guide tutorial

Just outside the Lumbridge bank, at the north staircase on the top floor, there are 4 logs sitting on the floor.  Turn a log into a fire and cook away. This faster way of cooking fish requires you to play on a quiet world and a tinderbox in your inventory at all times. Some people tend to pick up the logs on the ground, jumping onto a quiet world will reduce the chances.


If you don’t want to use log-fires outside of the Lumbridge bank, Edgeville makes another great location to level up cooking in F2P. There is a range inside a house just to the east of the Edgeville bank, very close-by.

best f2p cooking locations runescape old school 2007 guide tutorial edgeville

An added bonus that gives Edgeville a bonus over Al Kharid & Lumbridge when it comes to cooking is that people often level up Firemaking outside Edgeville bank, giving you a cooking area that is right outside the bank and if there is no fire, it’s no problem as the range is very close too.

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