The Fastest Way to Complete Cosmodrone Patrol Missions for the Bounty and Reputation

The truth is that there isn’t an extremely fast way to complete patrol missions on Earth. Fortunately there are pieces of advice you can read below that will ultimately make the 6 Earth patrol completion process a little faster.

First things first, there are only specific bounties you should pick up and others you should avoid during the patrol Cosmodrone bounty.

destiny cosmodrone patrol missions vanguard bounty guide

For a route I’ll talk more about below, you should only pick up Item missions, Kill missions and VIP missions. Avoid picking up Survey missions and Scan missions as they could take you off the fast route.

You should always prioritise the VIP missions as they give 25 rep each and they are easier to complete.

Now for the fast patrol route on Earth a lot of people run in order to complete the Patrol Cosmodrone bounty.

The route is completing bounties in The Steppes then The Divide then finally the Rocketyard. Pick up bounties in the Steppes and complete them as you move towards the Divide and then do the same from the Divide to the Rocketyard.

earth cosmodrome bounty patrol mission guide

You spawn in the Steppes marked with an orange dot

After you have spawned on Earth, there are 3 patrol missions to choose from. Make sure you pick up one of the three stated above and complete it as you move towards the Divide. If you pick up a ‘Target kill’ mission, the target is in the Divide.

Once you have reached the Divide, continue to complete the kill, item or VIP bounty and then pick up and complete the 2 patrols that spawn in this location. Same as before, don’t pick up scouting or surveying patrols. If both patrols are ones you should to avoid, move on to the next area, the Rocketyard.

In the Rocketyard you are met with another 3 bounties to choose from. This is the last area in the route so you can complete all of the patrols available. However, make sure you complete the Item or Kill missions first, then move on to the VIP, scout or survey patrols as they will ask you to leave the Rocketyard.

You should be able to complete all 6 bounties on one run, if you are unlucky you may have to go to orbit and return to the Earth spawn point to complete the rest of the Patrol Cosmodrome Bounty.

Additional Advice:

If you have a friend that you regularly complete dailies with, get into a fire team, head to earth and split up into different locations. If the Guardians in your Fireteam complete patrol missions  in different parts of the Cosmodrome, you will complete the bounty x2 or x3 faster.

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