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The Trolls Slayer Task can be given out by two slayer masters, Chaeldar and Nieve and it requires a combat level of 70+.

Mountain Trolls are the easiest type of troll to kill when wanting to complete this 2007scape slayer task. Mountain Trolls are level 69 and require the completion of the quest Death Plateau (guide here) to be accessed.


Mountain trolls can be found at the Death Plateau after you have completed the quest. Get a Games Necklace if you want to teleport to Burthorpe.

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Blue = Safe, Red = Dangerous

You can get into the Plateau in a number of different ways. You can take the ‘secret’ path while wearing climbing boots, this path is discovered during the quest. You can also take the faster but more dangerous path which Stone Throwers watch over. If you don’t have the protection from range  prayer, its best to get climbing boots and take the safer path.

Additional Advice

If you want to complete this level 70+ slayer task as fast and as smoothly as possible, its best to know that the Trolls are weak against and how to survive longer against them, preventing less trips for food.

A Mountain Trolls weakness is slash attacks and Wind spells however its not recommended that you use magic to complete the Trolls slayer task. Mountain Trolls have a slow attack however their high damage makes up for that, with low armoured magic gear its hard to last long. With a bag of food, some prayer potions, good armour and your best weapon, completing this slayer task should be simple enough.

slayer task trolls guide tutorial location osrs 2007scape

During the process of troll-slaying, try sticking to the southern end of the Death Plateau, away from the Thrower Trolls. They will attack you if you get too close to them.

If you are worried about loosing your high costly equipment, taking a Ring of Life isn’t a bad idea. The 2007 Runescape servers aren’t known for being the best when it comes to staying up, having a Ring of Life can save you worry of losing your gear.

That’s all I have for this guide on completing your OSRS slayer task to kill trolls. If you have any additional or better advice when it comes to doing this task, please let us all know!

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