Freeview of TOME Immortal Arena | Freeview Friday Week #1

Freeview Friday: In this weekly feature, I discuss and give my views on a Free to Play (F2P) game I enjoyed playing throughout the week. This week, a fun F2P game I played was TOME Immortal Arena.

So I’ve put in a good couple of hours into TOME: Immortal Arena after noticing it on Steam’s Free to Play games section, its pretty fun! In this ‘Freeview’ I’ll be comparing the Moba TOME to League of Legends a lot, simply because LoL is the Moba I play most.

An epic cinematic!

For those that don’t know, TOME: Immortal Arena is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game much like the popular League of Legends and DOTA2. This Free to play Battle Arena has been developed by KIXEYE, formally known as Casual Collective.

Many people probably see TOME in images, articles of video clips and think of it as a League or Dota rip off, fortunately there are aspects of the game that help separate it from the dominated pack.

Tome has a nice, fast pace. Matches tend to last around 20 minutes on average and it feels action packed all the way through. There is no mana within this game, skills have cooldowns but there is no fear of draining your mana pool, you can just wail on your enemies and their minions non-stop. Maps are fairly small, especially the 3v3 map as it only contains 2 lanes and one round middle/jungle area.

TOME Immortal Arena Freeview review free to play steam game moba coliseum map 3v3

Includes a boss dragon in the middle

The guys and gals behind the game seem to encourage the 3v3 matches more than the 5v5 and I don’t know why. I prefer to play on the smaller map with fewer enemies and team mates, it encourages more teamwork and good fights (for me at least). The tutorial is set in the 3v3 arena, the default map pick before you search for players is the 3v3 Coliseum and the characters in the cinematic trailer shown above end up in the 3v3 Coliseum. Sadly judging from personal experience, it takes me longer to find 3v3 games when compared to searching for 5v5 games.

Searching for games brings me on to my next point, a negative one.

Update: After asking around the forums and /r/tomeimmortalarena, many people don’t have the issues I’ve experienced below. It could be just me or the region I live in. 

Finding a match takes longer than it does in League of Legends. My average search time is between 1.30 and 2 minutes and to put icing on the cake, much like the other battle arena games, players need to accept the found match… A lot of the times they don’t. It can take either 60 seconds or up to and beyond 5 minutes for me to find a game. It is frustrating when its the latter and it happens to me more frequently than it does when playing LoL.

There has been a few occasions, mainly in 3v3 match ups where I’m against opponents that are significantly higher level with more passive buffs or ‘artifacts’ as they are called in the game. I don’t know why this happens, I’m not very good and it is very unfair at low levels when enemies have extra attack speed or other buffs and I don’t. The only solution would be to continue playing the game to unlock similar artifacts.

I don’t know if different regions around the world (UK, Scotland for me) are effected by matchmaking but the overall experience in finding games and players hasn’t been a great one due to the too frequent long searching times, game loading times and unfair player match ups.

I usually forget my experiences with the match making once I’m in a game because that is where all the enjoyment is to be had. As stated above, it has a great fast pace, very smooth and a very fun game, it’s like they have taken the most enjoyed parts from League of Legends and turned it into a unique MOBA.  There are few things to complain about, e.g. the match making stated above.

TOME Immortal Arena Freeview review free to play steam game moba gameplay

Graphics are pretty nice too.

People leaving games seems to be more of an issue, especially in the early stages of the game, too often when a team is losing players leave. I don’t know if there is any punishment for that because I haven’t done it myself, however there is no ‘Report for AFKing or Leaving’ selection in the post-game screen.

There are only 20 characters or ‘guardians’ in TOME, the chances of one Gaurdian being on both teams is verly likely and happens to me 4 time out of 5. The game is still fairly new (TOME 2.0 released about 5 months ago) and I assume they will design and release new characters and skins as the life of this game expands.

This is a Free to Play game, and like most great free games, there are micro-transactions. Don’t worry, its nothing game-breaking and it certainly doesn’t force you to pay. It is identical to the League of Legends store. You can buy champions with both in-game currency (Devotion) and their micro-transaction currency (Platinum) while skins and Guardian packs can only be purchased with Platinum. There is one frustrating thing about their micro-transactions is experienced when wanting to purchase Guardians with Platinum.

TOME Immortal Arena Freeview review free to play steam game moba store microtransaction prices

The cost of a Guardian using Platinum is 900 and when you want to add Platinum to your account, you can only purchasing in bulks of 300, 750, 1600, etc… If you wanted the platinum to purchase only one guardian, you will need to purchase two sets of platinum, leaving you with some spare, this is similar with skins too. If you wanted to purchasing TOME’s Platinum for one or two things, it sort of forces you to spend more than needed. Fortunately its not too expensive, it costs £1.22 for 300 plat and £3.08 for 750 with more for money value as you purchase higher amounts.  If you are a rich bastard, you could always purchase the largest bundle and not have a care in the world!

KIXEYE’s Tome: Immortal Arena has more aspects that should be discussed but I’ve not played the game for a long enough time to go into in-depth discussion on mechanics and such but I do what I can.

There are 3 types of items in Tome: damage, attack speed and health. The item system isn’t complex and there is a simple auto-buy function you can use if you don’t know what the Guardian you selected should be building. There is a auto-spell cast function that is on by default making it so you don’t have to click to use spells (I turned it off, it was weird for me).

To put all of this text about TOME into simpler terms, the game is very fun but has some issues. Its fast paced, fun and not difficult to get into and understand. However, my experiences suggest matchmaking isn’t the greatest but anyone that enjoys Mobas or is looking to get into them, try out TOME. Its a free battle arena game that you can either find on Steam or KIXEYE’s website.

I’m sure there are other things to add to this Freeview, both positive and negative but they have either slipped my mind or I have yet to experience them. If you have a positive or not so positive thing to share about Tome: Immortal Arena, let everyone know below!

Until next time my friends,
Game hard or go home!

This Freeview is a collection of my thoughts, opinions and experiences while playing TOME: Immortal Arena. Most of which are first impressions. As I continue to play the game and gather more impressions, I will continue to update this article and change aspects if necessary. 



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