10 Tips and Tricks to IMRPOVE at Halo Reach Multiplayer (MCC PC & Xbox)

10 Tips to Improve at Halo Reach PC/Xbox

  • Grenade Advice
    Grenades are a large part of Halo multiplayer, someone who knows how to use them can severely outclass someone that doesn’t. They are incredibly powerful, a well placed grenade counts as 4 DMR shots. Don’t just throw randomly, without much certainty and don’t panic throw! Throw if you get someone low and they hide behind a rock or wall. Throw when predicting someone is coming around a corner (via map or seeing).

There have been a lot of cases where i WISH i had a grenade but already used them. Getting someone 1-shot and they are able to eek around a rock or wall and you KNOW they are crouching there, waiting for the shields to recharge, throwing a grenade there is a guaranteed kill but I have none left… If i chase them to try finish them off, they might throw a grenade at the wall or rock you’re coming around, making you 1 shot too and it becomes a fair fight.

There has been a few cases in Objective modes where there are 3 enemies in one spot, in a hill or returning a flag, and a well placed grenade would weaken them all or even kill them all, but i have none because i randomly threw them across the map when i spawned.

Lets not do that anymore, grenades are powerful and should be used wisely!

  • Bloom
    Bloom is a feature in Halo Reach that lowers the accuracy of your weapon the more you fire it. But it varies – different game modes have different bloom settings. Invasion and Infection have 100% bloom on precision weapons (DMR/NR/Pistol), meaning you have to pace your shots, especially at long range, otherwise you’ll probably miss. In TU modes it is lowered to 85%, meaning you don’t have to wait as long between accurate shots. The needle rifle is especially powerful in these modes because its max fire rate matches the bloom’s aim recovery meaning it really has no bloom and in Hardcore bloom doesn’t exist, meaning you can fire as fast as possible with the precision weapons while retaining accuracy.
  • Power Weapons!
    Controlling and using power weapons can (and usually does) make the difference in games, especailly slayer games. Knowing where the rocket launchers, snipers, grenade launchers, swords, shotguns and the rest of the power weapons spawn on each map gives you a huge advantage over those that don’t because the weapons are incredibly powerful. And even better? Knowing their respawn timers. If you can grab the rocket launcher every time it appears and get 2/3/4 kills with it each time, you’re well on your way to beating the enemy to 50 kills. Of course, you’ll need to practice with these weapons, If you grab the rocket launcher or sniper and you’re terrible with the weapons you may end up just giving them over to the enemy. So maybe play a few custom games with friends with power weapons only, or play team snipers from time to time to improve the sniper skills. The action sack playlist sometimes offers some power weapon only modes like Rockets only.
  • Healthpacks
    Unlike most games, your health doesn’t actually re-charge.. Your shield recharge but your base health doesn’t and the only way to get it back is by picking up a health pack. Having red health while fighting someone with blue health will (probably) not result in a favorable end for you. If you both drop each others shields at the same time, the opponent doesn’t need to head shot you to win, they could tickle you and win that 1v1. If you just won a gunfight or are being chased and have low health and no shields, grab a health pack! They instantly begin recharge your shields and give you full health. Knowing where the closest health pack is and the best way to get to it can help you build up sprees and deny the enemy more kills. If you’re about to lose a gunfight but know there is a health pack just around the corner, run and grab it! They will chase you thinking you’re 1 shot but they turn the corner and your shields have recharged.
  • The pistol is actually okay…
    In a lot of gamemodes (Invasion & Social modes) The Assault Rifle and Pistol are your default starting weapons, the assault rifle is pretty useless until you get up close and personal. So after spawning, switch to that pistol. In medium ranged situations, the pistol should always come out on top over the assault rifle. It is a precision weapon and 1 headshot will still kill a player with no shields. Even in close range, its fast rate of fire can make it deadly.
  • Elite Advice (mainly invasion)
    The Plasma Pistol when charged or fired rapidly can destroy a players shields incredibly quickly, leaving them vulnerable to beat downs or a single head shot. You can use the elite’s roll to get in close with the plasma pistol, melt their shield faster than they melt yours and beat them down. You should also scavenge other weapons to go with your plasma pistol.
    Also, the Needler is pretty powerful once learned how to use it.
  • Practice your aim!
    If you suck at aiming, you won’t be having great success in Halo Reach multiplayer. Halo is one of the few shooters where you need to maintain good aim for a relatively long period
    of time just for 1 gunfight. Halo reach has large health/shield pools and in order to win you need track the enemy with your crosshair and land shots (preferably head shots) over and over again. As someone who is pretty bad with mouse and keyboard when it comes to PC shooters, one thing that genuinely helped improve my aim was going into a custom game and practice aiming at an object while strafing and trying to keep my crosshair on that object. This builds up good muscle memory for the sensitivity other settings you are using. If you aren’t good at aiming on controller or mouse and keyboard, i highly recommend doing this. I also recommend doing this every time you change your sensitivity.

BONUS TIP – Don’t keep changing your sensitivity. Pick a setting and stick with it for a while, give yourself time to build muscle memory with that setting, because otherwise it’ll take longer to get better if you have to keep re-learning. I believe having lower sensitivity with Mouse and Keyboard is better as it makes tracking enemies easier, and with controller, because of the built in aim assist, you can afford to have a higher sensitivity.

  • Strafing
    This, along side good aim, are the keys to winning gun fights. If you can dodge a bullet or two by moving unpredictably, you can win a lot more fights. I’ve been playing halo for a long time, and although I’m no high tier pro player, I’ve always been okay and the main thing that separates the boys from the men or the girls from the women are good strafing while maintaining good aim. The only way to practice this is by doing it. Practice it while practicing your aim using the last tip OR jump into social playlists and be aware of how you’re moving during a fight. Try not move in the same direction for too long and keep switching it up. If you do this while trying to be aware of it, you’ll probably sacrifice some of your aiming because you’ll be focused on how you’re moving and not hitting the other player, BUT after a little while it should start to become muscle memory then you can focus on aiming and, after some practice, you’ll be blasting someone in the head while moving around without having to think about it.
  • Get the first shot
    While navigating a map, don’t have your crosshair aimed somewhere randomly until you see an enemy. Aim where enemies are most likely to appear so you are ready to take the first shot. If you are able to get the first hit on your enemy more often than not, you’ll be wining more gunfights. When going around corners, keep the aim where someone is most likely to appear first. This, however, requires some map knowledge, which takes us into the next tip.
    Knowing the map you’re playing more than your enemy can be a game changer. We’ve already covered some Map Knowledge tips like power weapons & health packs, but there is more!

Knowing where all the best weapons spawn on every map and the best/fastest ways to get to them will help you win more games
Knowing where the nearest DMR is so you can swap out an inferior weapon for it will help you win gunfights
Knowing where the nearest healthpack is and how to get there safely will keep you alive longer, resulting in less kills/map control for the enemy
Knowing where to look, and where enemies will be looking at you from will help you getting the first shot on people, or avoid being shot at
Knowing where enemies are most likely to be or to come from will give you an advantage over those that don’t and keep you on an even playing field with everyone that does

Hopefully these tips help you improve in the Master Chief’s Collection’s Halo: REACH.

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